Second German Baptist Church

The northwest corner of Evergreen Avenue and Woodbine Street is believed to be the site of first house constructed in the New Bushwick Lotts, an area granted by Peter Stuyvesant to the residents of the village of Bushwick in 1661. The first house was erected here in about 1700, built by a man named Van Nuyse. The house and three lots (about 70 acres total) were purchased by Leffert Lefferts from William Van Nuyse of New Utrecht in 1724.

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Constructed in 1851 for St. Peter's Episcopal Church. The cornerstone for the church was laid in 1850 and the building opened for services in May, 1851. By 1856, St. Peter's had outgrown the building and began construction of a new church on State Street, near Bond. Between 1857 and 1863 the building was occupied by the First Reform Presbyterian Church followed by the Church of the Convenanters. In 1864, the Second United Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn acquired the building.

First Baptist Church, Greenpoint

The First Baptist Church, Greenpoint, was organized in 1847. At that time there "about thirteen Baptists living in Greenpoint", who organized a church with 9 members in the old Origen house on Franklin Avenue. "Rev. Mr. Jones and others supplied the pulpit" from 1847 to 1849. In 1849, the church erected a small structure at the corner of Leonard and Calyer Streets with a capacity of 100 worshippers. Mr. Peter Boyce officiated from 1851 to 1855, and was ordained in February of 1855. During this time, the first chaurch was enlarged. After a series of ministers, Rev.

78 Herkimer Street

Property address is recorded in the Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide as 320 Herkimer, which may be a typo. According to the 1883 Brooklyn City Directory, the original owner, Thomas P. Wilkinson, lived at number 78 as early as 1883.

Queen Anne style house, designed by J. C. Cady in 1880. Wilkinson was a paper dealer who lived nearby at 174 Herkimer Street in 1880.