Tuttle Building

Cast-iron fronted dry goods store, attributed to W. H. Gaylor. Connected to 705 Driggs (1888, W. H. Gaylor, architect). Gaylor is listed as the architect for interior alterations to 224 Grand Street in 18881 , and based on his connections to Tuttle and similarities in design to other Gaylor cast-iron buildings, is believed to the architect for this building.

1886 - Grand Bazar opened in the "Tuttle Buildings, 190 to 198 Grand Street, above Fifth, where Messrs. Piper & Rewick have begun what they confidently expect will prove a long and prosperous career as conductors of the Grand Bazar". 2 1898 - Elwin Piper assigns store to creditor. 3 1899 - Piper announces plan to close Brooklyn store and move the operation to Spencer Place in Harlem 4 1899 - Shortly after moving to 121st Street in Harlem, Piper suffers another bankruptcy. 5

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224 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
United States

Owner name
E. B. Tuttle