Ibert Brewery

The Frank Ibert Brewery was located on the east side of Evergreen Avenue, between Linden and Grove Streets. A two-story brick structure still remains at the southeast corner of Evergreen and Grove. In 1889, Theobald Engelhardt prepared plans for a three-story frame brewery, one-story brick boiler house, three-story frame machine house and three-story frame storage building.

Lipsius Brewery

1491 - Garden st, Nos. 58-66, s s, 14.6 w Bushwick av, one five-story brick ale brewery, 36x60, gravel roof, brick and stone cornice; cost, $15,000; Cluas Lipsius, Bushwick av, cor Forrest st; ar't, Th Engelhardt; b'rs, J. Rauth and J. Rueger. 1