Gold Theatre

Building type

9 Varet Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
United States

The Gold Theatre, which has recently been opened for vaudeville on the northwest [sic] corner of Broadway and Varet street, Brooklyn, has a seating capacity of 1,000. Erected on a plot 69x100x62, the building has two balconies and an interior finished in a modern French Renaissance style of architecture, richly decorated. The predominating colors are green and gold. Statuary groups top out the boxes and proscenium opening. A special equipment of electric lighting has been installed with concealed lamps at ornamental decorations to offset various shadows and details of the statuary work. The draperies, curtains and seats have been carefully designed to conform to style and color of the interior finish. A mural painting entitled, "The Oriental Dancer," surmounts the sounding board. The facade of the building is designed in a Florentine style of architecture with constituting materials of buff colored tapestry brick laid up in a Flemish bond with raked joints and matt glazed polychrome terra cotta and granite trimmings. The structure has been erected under the most rigid regulations of the Fire and Building Departments, and is reputed to be an absolutely fireproof building, not containing a particle of wood. The Gold Theatre was designed and erected under the supervision of Shampan & Shampan, architects, 772 Broadway, Brooklyn. 1

The building was located at the north corner of Broadway and Varet. The entire block was cleared during 1960s urban renewal.

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