Gold Theatre

The Gold Theatre, which has recently been opened for vaudeville on the northwest [sic] corner of Broadway and Varet street, Brooklyn, has a seating capacity of 1,000. Erected on a plot 69x100x62, the building has two balconies and an interior finished in a modern French Renaissance style of architecture, richly decorated. The predominating colors are green and gold. Statuary groups top out the boxes and proscenium opening.

1746 Broadway

CHAUNCEY ST, n s, 132 w Broadway, 1-sty brick theatre, 133x32.10, concrete root; cost, $30.IHH); owner, Julius Hilder, Hotel Astor; architect. John C. Wandell, 4-5 Court sq. Plan No. 37. 1

Building is now the Wayside Baptist Church.

92 Nassau Avenue

Now the Princess Manor on Nassau Avenue.
BROOKLY'N. - G. Genovese & Son, 645 Crescent st. Long Island City, have the general contract for a 1-sty brick and terra cotta moving picture theatre, 50x100 ft. seating about 800, on the south side of Nassau av, 75 ft east of Manhattan av. for Max Miller. 1065 Manhattan av, owner, from plans by Kunzi & Waillant. 394 Graham av, architects. Cost, $40,000.