St. Anthony of Padua R. C. Church, Ozone Park

Cornerstone laid 3 October 1937 1 . The parish's first church was dedicated in 1942, was originally church of St. Francis de Sales. Fr. Fusco bought the church, had it transported and had it put on a concrete foundation. The original altar, confessionals and altar went to other parishes (St. Teresa of Avila, Brooklyn, Our Lady of Mercy, St. Monica's and St. Andrew, Manhattan).

156 Melrose Street

1490 - Melrose st, Nos. 156 and 158, s s, 1.50 w Knickerbocker av, two three-story frame (brick filled) tenem'ts, 25x5.5, tin roofs; cost, each, $4,000 Daniel Kreuder and M. Mayer, 47 McKibben st and 342 Ellery st; ar't, Th. Engelhardt; b'rs, D. Kreuder aud M. Mayer. 1