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Street names and numbering in Brooklyn changed a number of times. Jeremy Lechtzin wrote a wonderful article in the NY Times about the great Brooklyn street renumbering in 1870. But there were later renamings and renumbering as well.

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At the turn of the 20th Century, south Williamsburg was home to at least two of the country's largest printing houses. The larger of these was D. Appleton & Co. on Kent Avenue between Hewes and Penn Streets; the building was taken down for the construction of the BQE. The second publisher - McLoughlin Brothers - was located on South 11th Street between Wythe and Berry.
Described as a dwelling with garage, this appears to be a full-lot garage at the ground floor with a shallow second story for residential above.

The theater consists of a one-story building fronting on Manhattan Avenue, which serves as the main entrance, and the two-story theater house located to the rear on Lorimer Street.1 The theater house occupies the former site of the Abraham Meserole residence. Most recently the theater has housed a Rite Aid pharmacy.

Building contemplated, architect and date of construction "will be available later".