316-318 South 5th Street

The two buildings at 316 and 318 South 5th Street1  (which were later renumbered to 318 and 320) were nearly identical to the rest of the buildings on the south side of South 5th Street between Marcy Avenue and Rodney Street. The only detail distinguishing these two buildings from the rest of the row is the treatment of the basement (brick with brownstone trim instead of rusticated brownstone). Based on these details and the proximity of the owners/architect, it is very possible that all of the row houses on this side of South 5th Street were designed and built by the same group.

The full row of buildings were demolished in the 1940s to make way for the sunken portion of the BQE through the Southside. The property is now part of Rodney Park South, a city park overlooking the BQE.

  • 1"Projected, Brooklyn", Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide (v. 17, no. 416: March 4, 1876), 177.

322 South 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
United States

Owner name
C.L. Johnson, William De Nyse, James Bulger
56 9th Street, and 303 and 307 South 5th St
George Quinn