East Williamsburg

Union Methodist Episcopal Church

This building was originally constructed as the Union Methodist Episcopal Church in 1900, replacing the previous Leonard Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Union M.E. was the result of the merger of three local Methodist Episcopal churches - Leonard Street M.E. Church (founded in 1870), Powers Street M.E. Church and Gothic M.E. Church (founded circa 1835). Powers and Gothic merged in 1895 or so; three years later Powers and Leonard merged to form the Union M.E. Church.

316-318 South 5th Street

The two buildings at 316 and 318 South 5th Street (which were later renumbered to 318 and 320) were nearly identical to the rest of the buildings on the south side of North 5th between Marcy Avenue and Rodney Street. The only detail distinguishing these two buildings from the rest of the row is the treatment of the basement (brick with brownstones trim instead of rusticated brownstone).

812 Grand Street

Real Estate Record lists this as two buildings on Grand Street, "ss, 80 w Bushwick av". The description would point to 806 and 808 Grand Street, however these are part of a larger row of Italianate buildings and 806 is only 25' wide. 812 Grand Street, which is only 38' west of Bushwick Avenue, is a 30' wide neo-Grec building of this period; 808 next door is also 30' wide, but appears to be part of the Italianate row.