1118 Lorimer Street

Hugh Roberts was a local mason who developed these three buildings at the corner of Noble Street and Lorimer Street, as well as the buildings to the south on Lorimer and east on Noble. Architect in the Real Estate Record is listed as "E. J. E. and G. J. Roberts"1, perhaps a relation to Hugh Roberts; the Greenpoint Historic District designation report lists the architect as E. S. Evans2. Evans is listed as the architect for other Roberts projects in the designation report. The Robertses cited in the Real Estate Record may be the builders.

  • 1. Real Estate Record & Builders' Guide (vol. 14, no. 347, November 7, 1874), 373.
  • 2. Landmarks Preservation Commission, Greenpoint Historic District Designaton Report (New York, N.Y.: City of New York, 1982). 45.
Building type
Noble street

1118 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
United States

Owner name
Hugh Roberts
Owner address
113 Kent Street
se cor Lorimer street
Number of Buildings
3 and 4

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