East New York

Wesley M. E. Church

The Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church of East New York was established in 1883. Shortly thereafter the congregation purchased a property on Berriman Street near Eastern Parkway (?) and constructed a church, only to find out that the title on the property was not clear. The church decided to purchase a new piece of property at the corner of Glenmore and Atkins Avenue and in 1894 moved the church there

St. John's German Lutheran Evangelical Church

The "congregation founded by 65 German emigrants who had settled in the old village of East New York, in the town of New Lots, now the 26th Ward. The congregants first met in the Sackman homestead on Liberty Avenue, which was then known as Virginia Road, at the corner of New Jersey Avenue. Founders included Frederick Middendorf, president of the East New York Savings Bank... The village at that time was divided in three sections, known as Plunders Neck, BonaFettle [?] and Blood Hollow. The first two sections were German, the latter Irish... Rev. F. G. Zenner was the first pastor.