Children's Mission, Greenpoint

This building at 125 Eagle Street looks like it was once something, and sure enough it was. It was built in 1891 as the Children's Mission, a project of the Greenpoint Reformed Church on Kent Street. The Mission was established on November 20, 1881 as a Sunday school occupying a storefront on Eagle Street. The school quickly grew, adding rooms in a nearby building, but by 1883 those accommodations were already insufficient and the children of the school began raising money for a new building. Over the course of seven or eight years the students raised about $1,500.

Transfiguration R. C. Church

Cornerstone laid in September 1889. The current structure superseded an older chapel designed by Thomas Houghton1  dating to 1875 that was located just to the east on Hooper Street. The original chapel was built with the intention of later being converted to a school, and therefore had beam pockets built into the walls for the installation of two new floors at a future date.

11 Arion Place

Arion Hall, once home to the Arion Singing Society, is one of many remnants of Bushwick's once-thriving German population. Designed by Bushwick's go-to architect of the late 19th century, Theobald Engelhardt, the building sits on Arion Street (formerly Wall Street), between Broadway and Bushwick Avenue/Beaver Street.