St. Anthony of Padua R. C. Parish, Greenpoint

The first mass in Greenpoint was celebrated in 1855 in a hall at the corner of Franklin and Eagle Streets. Later masses were held at a hall at the northeast corner of Manhattan Avenue and India Street. In 1856, Bishop Loughlin purchased lots on the south side of India Street between Manhattan Avenue and Oakland Street, and church structure was constructed on that site and dedicated in early 1858. Prior to 1872, the parish purchased the plot of land on the east side of Manhattan Avenue at the head of Milton Street from Samuel J. Tilden.

Most Holy Trinity R. C. Parish, Brooklyn

Most Holy Trinity parish was  founded as the German Church of the Holy Trinity in 1841. It was the first National parish in the Brooklyn diocese, and officially the first Catholic parish in Williamsburgh (Sts. Peter and Paul began services in 1840, but was not formally established until 1844). Most Holy Trinity was also the mother church for a host of other German parishes over time. Holy Trinity was founded by Father John Raffeiner, a wealthy doctor-turned-priest from Austria.

Sts. Peter & Paul Parish

1844 is the official founding date for the Parish of Ss. Peter and Paul, although the history of the parish goes back to 1837. That is the date of the first recorded mass in Williamsburgh, which took place in a private home on Fourth Street (Bedford Avenue) between South 3rd and South 4th Street

St. James R. C. Parish, Brooklyn

Founded 1822, as the third Roman Catholic parish of the Diocese of the New York. St. James was the first Roman Catholic parish on Long Island. St. James became the cathedral parish of the Diocese of Brooklyn on its founding in 1853 (which at the time comprised all of Long Island). The existing church of St. James was constructed in 1903.