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Thomas Shoe Factory

Listed in the Real Estate Record as 5 stories, built at 6.1 The building was sold by Thomas to Israel Rokeach in 1913. By 1917, the building was occupied by Israel Rokeach and the Progressive Knitting Mills.

Havemeyers & Elder Processing House

The Processing House of the Havemeyers & Elder (later Domino) Sugar Refinery is the jewel in the crown of the Havemeyer sugar empire. Reading as a single building from the exterior, the structure is actually three separate buildings that contained the primary functions of sugar refining: the Finishing House, located on the corner of South 3rd Street and Kent Avenue; the Pan House, located on the corner of South 2nd Street and Kent Avenue, and the Filter House, facing onto the East River and running from South 3rd Street to South 2nd Street. 

Building 128, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Constructed in phases between 1898 and 1941, this complex of buildings was used for the manufacture and assembly of ship engines for the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The complex consists of the Boiler Shop (Building 28), the Machine Shop and Erecting Shop (Building 128) and a power house (Building 23).