First Presbyterian Church of Williamsburgh

The First Fresbyterian Church, in South Fourth street, corner of Sixth — This church was organized in May 1842, and consisted of fifteen members. It was, as its name imports, the first Presbyterian church established in this city, and has received since its organization, two hundred and eighty-two members.1 In 1848 the congregation built a new church at the corner of South 4th and Roebling (Sixth) Street.2

First Presbyterian disbanded in 1887, and the building was sold Trinity Methodist Protestant Church. In the late 1890s, the building was bought by Father Krauczunas of St. Mary Queen of Angels parish, a Lithunian Roman Catholic parish founded in 1892. By 1914, the church had over 10,000 parisioners.3 . The steeple of the church was removed in 1898, and the portico was removed and the front enclosed likely after 1910. Armburster, in a caption to a ca. 1920 photo, refers to the building as a "Polish Catholic church".

The building is now home to El Puente.


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211 South 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
United States