Clinton Hill

St. Patrick R. C. Church, Brooklyn

The parish of St. Patrick was founded in the early 1840s, prior to the establishment of the Diocese of Brooklyn. The origins of the church are a bit obscure, but it appears to have been founded as a parish for Irish Catholics in East Brooklyn (now Clinton Hill/Bedford-Stuyvesant), with the first services held in private structures near Wallabout Street and Flushing Avenue. Early secondary-source references to the church call it the Wallabout Church. In 1843, Rev. Hugh Maguire was appointed as the first priest for the parish.

St. Patrick's R. C. Church, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

St. Patrick parish was founded in 1849 as St. Patrick Church Mission to serve Ft. Hamilton area, making it one of the oldest parishes in Brooklyn (although at the time of its founding, Bay Ridge was part of the separate town of New Utrecht, not the town of Brooklyn). The church was the Catholic parish of soldiers stationed at Ft. Hamilton. The first St. Patrick church at Fort Hamilton was dedicated in 1852.

Unity Chapel

The Third Congregational Society (Unity Chapel) was founded in 1867, following a public invitation from Reverend A. P. Putnam. Thirteen "residents of Central Brooklyn of liberal conviction" met at 292 Ryerson Street, home of James Whiting, on September 30, 1867 to organize the church. The first religious services were held the following Sunday, October 6th, in a room over a fish market at the corner of Classon and Fulton Avenues. Two services were held that day - a morning service by Rev. Dr. F. A. Farley and an evening service by Rev.