St. Peter Claver R. C. Church

Previously known as the Ormond Place Church. Constructed in 1853 for Bedford Reformed Church. After a dispute with the Reformed Church led that congregation to abandon the project, the Central Congregational Church became first tenant.  Central Church occupied the building from 1854 until 1872, when it moved to a new, larger, building nearby.  Following the removal of Central Church, the building was occupied by two separate incarnations of the Church of the Mediator, both Episcopal congregations; these congregations occupied the building at various times from 1873 until 1887.  In 1889 or1890, Bedford Reformed Church (the originally-intended occupant) took over the building, which it occupied until 1898.  Between 1898 and at least 1902, Holy Trinity Baptist Church, an African-American congregation, was in residence.

By 1908, the Ormond Place Church had been converted to an automobile club, and by 1920 it was being used as a truck depot.  The truck depot was rehabilitated by the firm of McCarroll, Murphy & Lehman , and reconsecrated as a Catholic Church on 26 February 1922.  This reconstruction appears to have included the addition of a side aisle next to the nave, the addition of a new porch at the front of the church, and the reconfiguration of the nave windows.


2 Jefferson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
United States

R. L. Crook