226 North 5th Street

Listed in Real Estate Record as 224 North 5th. According to Bromley atlas, the property to the west (now 224) was 222 North 5th Street. Real Estate Record & Builders' Guide (v. 15, no. 367, March 27, 1875), 220.

Our Lady of Consolation R. C. Church

Parish was separated from St. Stanislaus Kostka's parish in 1909 as a separate Polish parish for Williamsburg. Prior to the erection of the church, mass was held at McCaddin Memorial Hall. The cornerstone of the church was laid on May 9, 19101 . The building combines a church and a school, with the basement used as a parish hall and a separate convent next door and rectory across Metropolitan Avenue.

St. Vincent de Paul R. C Church

Laying of the cornerstone attended by 10,000 people, let by Bishop Loughlin. Construction was "begun on the second day of June under the superintendence of Mr. P. C. Keeley [sic], architect, who numbers this as his three hundred and eighty fifth church edifice he has been engaged in building on this continent. Its dimensions are 68 feet in width by 156 feet in depth, and judging by the massive appearance of the walls, constructed by the builder, Mr. Jas. Radwell [sic, probably Rodwell, a prominent local builder], will be as substantial an edifice as any in the States.